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Become the best version of yourself – positive, motivated, and energized!
Gabatrol works fast to help boost your mood and calm your mind. Its unique blend of ingredients work together to enhance brain function and increase GABA, the #1 calm and happy neurotransmitter in the brain. When your GABA levels are higher, you’re more relaxed and focused. You feel great and think with mental clarity.

Negative emotions affect your body, thoughts, and behavior. They can result in increased blood pressure, fatigue, and poor daily habits. It is important to maintain proper emotional health to help put yourself in the best position to succeed mentally and physically.

Gabatrol is perfect for anyone looking to:

  • Decrease stress and negative emotions
  • Increase mental focus and performance
  • Overcome phobias and social anxiety
  • Decrease stress-related weight gain
  • Promote a deep, restful sleep
  • Enhance meditation and yoga practices

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45 cap, 90 cap