Lulu’s Chocolate Truffles & Buttercups


Truffles or Buttercups


Love Truffles

78% Cacao hearts hugging creamy hazelnut Rawmio, kissed with Fleur de Sel Sea Salt

Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients: Fresh raw/soaked dehydrated hazelnuts, Cacao, Coconut Secret Coconut Crystals, Vanilla Bean, Fleur de Sel Sea Salt & Love

Raw Love chocolate cradles a rich Rawmio center. Rawmio is handcrafted of fresh / soaked / dehydrated organic hazelnuts slowly stone ground with cacao nibs & coconut sugar. These seductively creamy, lightly salted, handpoured hearts of YUM shall win your sweet heart.

Maca Buttercups

78% Cacao Cups cradle a creamy blend of Maca Love and Sprouted Almond Butter with Fleur de Sel Sea Salt.

Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients: Ecuadorian Cacao, Coconut Secret Coconut Sugar, Sprouted Almonds, Wildcrafted Maca, Mesquite, Vanilla Bean, Fleur de Sel Sea Salt & Love


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