La Vie de la Rose Spiritual Protection Flower Essence


.5 oz


Weeping Higan Cherry Tree

Purpose: Spiritual Protection supports you in making a radical shift from fear and the defensiveness that emanates from it to Unconditional Love and the knowledge there is nothing to fear and no requirement for protection. It supports you in discovering the security inherent in knowing nothing of value can be threatened and/or lost. All things of spiritual significance are changeless and invulnerable. The experience of attack, as perpetrator or victim, is merely a reflection of the pre-existing battles waged by the ego/personality. Spiritual Protection supports you in developing the spiritual mastery that allows you to experience the challenges of life without succumbing to fear.

Application: Take one drop of Spiritual Protection for support in overcoming the illusory perceptions of the ego/personality and the fear they engender and to experience the invulnerability of the Soul. Take one drop up to three times daily when the outer world appears threatening and you are feeling unsafe; when you find yourself involved in an attack-defense dynamic; to achieve spiritual transcendence in relation to a specific situation; and for support as a light worker in the transmutation of humanity’s perception of fear. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) prior to entering a situation that provokes a fear response in you and/or in which others are fearful.


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