La Vie de la Rose Sacred Celebration Flower Essence




Lilac “Miss Canada”
Purpose: Fireworks activates the spirit of celebration within your heart and a new level of interconnectedness with others that organically expresses itself in celebrations of all kinds. Exaltation is the Soul quality that is accessed through celebration. It is the antidote to the challenges of the spiritual journey and the ‘woes’ of the ego/personality. Fireworks assists you in living your life as a celebration. It supports you in experiencing Accelerated Spiritual Growthâ„¢ through loving connections and the path of joy.

Application: Take one drop of Fireworks daily to cultivate the consciousness of celebration and to magnify your experience of bonding, intimacy and joy through gatherings with friends and loved ones. Take one drop up to three times daily as a support for the preparation and enactment of a specific celebration. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) prior to partaking in a celebration or to bring the spirit of celebration to any gathering.


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