La Vie de la Rose Magical Child Flower Essence


.5 oz


Rose “The Fairy” A Balanced Child Solution

Purpose: Children are naturally psychic. They ‘hear’ the unspoken and ‘see’ the unseen. They are empathic and telepathic. Magical Child supports children in allowing and expressing the full range of their sensory experiences. This in turn supports unfoldment of their expanded sensory capacities. The development of an expanded sensory system is necessary for the heightened awareness and sensitivity that correlate with higher evolution and Accelerated Spiritual Growthâ„¢.

Application: Administer one drop of Magical Child daily to support development and expression of children’s sensory capacities. Administer one drop up to three times daily when children are experiencing increased sensory activity or when outer circumstances do not support expression of their expanded perceptions and sensitivities. Administer one dropperful (10-12 drops) when children are integrating an expanded extrasensory and/or multi-dimensional experience.

Note: For infants up to nine months of age, place a drop of the flower essence on the brow chakra located between both eyes. For children older than nine months the flower essence can be administered in a small glass of water.


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