La Vie de la Rose Innocence Flower Essence


.5 oz


Rose “Tranquility”
Purpose: Guilt is the underlying wound of humanity. Self-judgment preceded guilt. The perception of Separation from God, and the conscious/unconscious creation of suffering, followed. To transcend the experience of suffering, you must heal your ‘guilt complex’. To heal this complex, you must unearth your significant, painful experiences, from this and past lives; face the guilt you feel in relation to them; and forgive all involved, beginning with yourself. As you do so, you remember your eternal innocence, guaranteed though the Principle of Divine Immanence. Innocence supports you in doing the Spiritual Healing that is necessary for you to reclaim the truth of your innocence.

Application: Take one drop of Innocence daily for support in finding the courage to bring to the surface and heal the memories of your deepest experiences of guilt, in this and past lives, as both victim and victimizer; to learn and practice authentic forgiveness; and to experience the innocence that characterizes Creation. Take one drop up to three times daily if you are stuck in a compulsive pattern of self-sabotage and/or are having difficulty letting go of the past. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) in those moments when you become aware of perceiving yourself and/or others as guilty.


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