La Vie de la Rose Inner Compass Flower Essence


.5 oz


Rose “Bewitched”
Purpose: The primary goal of spiritual growth is for the human to function as the conscious physical expression of the Soul. In the early stages of spiritual growth, the ego/personality dominates the individual’s consciousness. Over time, as the individual responds to the call of the Soul, spiritual awakening occurs. During this awakening the human begins to consciously choose to focus its attention and energy on its Spiritual Growth Process which culminates in the attainment of the Soul-infused personality. At this point, the ego/personality is relinquished in favor of the Soul. Captivation assists you in unfolding Soul-infused consciousness.

Application: Take one drop of Captivation daily for support at any stage of the Soul Infusion process. Take one drop up to three times daily to strengthen your Will to enact Soul-infused consciousness, during Points of Crisis and/or when your ego/personality has temporarily taken the reins of your consciousness. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) when you have an immediate requirement for greater Soul contact.


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