La Vie de la Rose Generosity Flower Essence




Rose “Angel Face”
Purpose: Generosity supports you in transcending the Piscean dynamics of codependent giving and conditional love and in anchoring the Aquarian dynamic of Extension of Self through Unconditional Love. The result is the experience of authentic intimacy and Oneness – essential aspects of evolved spiritual consciousness. Generosity is especially useful for exposing what is required to overcome your patterns of codependent giving and/or withholding. If you are experiencing any form of lack in your life, Generosity assists you in transforming perceptions that are keeping you from the ‘miracle of receiving’.

Application: Take one drop of Generosity daily to activate and/or expand the dynamic of Extension of Self through Unconditional Love. Take one drop up to three times daily when you are pushing the limits of your ‘ability’ to extend yourself through Unconditional Love. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) when you ‘think’ there is lack in your life and/or are withholding (e.g., refusing to assume appropriate responsibility, forgive, give and/or share).

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