La Vie de la Rose Evolving Dreamtime Consciousness Flower Essence




Iris “Immortality”
Purpose: Evolving Dreamtime Consciousness triggers a developmental process designed to accelerate your spiritual growth through evolution of your dreamtime consciousness. Awakened beings bring consciousness to all their activities, including sleep. They experience a 24-hour conscious consciousness. Evolving Dreamtime Consciousness supports development of a unified consciousness that represents the synthesis of your dreamtime and waking consciousnesses.

Application: Take one drop of Evolving Dreamtime Consciousness daily, prior to bedtime, to improve the quality of your dreams and your ability to interpret them in support of Accelerated Spiritual Growthâ„¢. Take one drop up to three times daily when you are not having meaningful dreams and/or not remembering your dreams. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops), prior to bedtime, to stimulate dreams in relation to specific challenges, interests, issues and requirements.

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