La Vie de la Rose Enlightened Patterns Flower Essence


.5 oz


Rose “Double Delight”
Purpose: Enlightened Patterns assists you in substituting expansive Soul-based patterns for limiting ego/personality-based ones. All patterns of behavior, emotional response and thought are chosen by you for reasons that ‘make sense’ at the time. The patterns you now recognize as maladaptive were survival strategies that seemed to assist you in coping with the challenges you were facing then. From today’s perspective, they might seem immature, even primitive. Enlightened Patterns assists you in appreciating the choices you made in the past, forgiving yourself and making new, more appropriate choices.

Application: Take one drop of Enlightened Patterns daily to clarify what patterns to relinquish and to identify and establish new patterns of consciousness that correlate with the Self you are unfolding. Take one drop up to three times daily for assistance in identifying what pattern(s) are at the root of a painful or unpleasant experience; when you are stuck in a repetitive and/or troublesome pattern; and when you find it challenging to establish the more evolved pattern of choice. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) when you would like immediate spiritual assistance in exhibiting a new pattern and/or resisting an old one.


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