La Vie de la Rose Contact Flower Essence


.5 oz


Rhododendron “English Roseum”
Purpose: Contact develops your ability as a receptor and translator of subtle energy. Subtle energy is energy existing beyond the normal range of the human sensory system (e.g., Holy Spirit, chi, kundalini, prana, etc.). The goal of Contact is to assist you in experiencing crystal-clear reception and precise translation of your subtle energetic experiences.

Application: Take one drop of Contact daily to strengthen the quality of your ‘contact’ with other levels of existence. Take one drop up to three times daily when you are engaged in a co-creative project in which you are working multi-dimensionally. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) immediately prior to engaging in expanded ‘contact’ for support in experiencing complete reception and accurate translation of subtle energetic experiences (e.g., channeling, meditation, etc.).


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