Flora Flor-Essence Dry Herbal Tea Blend


2 1/8 oz (63 g)



Whole-body detoxification*
Immune support*
This traditional Ojibwa formula was rediscovered by humanitarian nurse Rene Caisse and perfected through years of clinical studies with her longtime research partner, Dr, Charles Brusch, personal physician to President John F. Kennedy. This formula enables the body to effectively remove toxins and wastes, allowing for cellular renewal and revitalized health.*

True health begins and ends within the digestive system. Taking Flor•Essence® encourages regular bowel movements and less gas, bloating and indigestion.* It helps the body achieve a new, vibrant equilibrium – improved digestion, more energy, a brighter complexion and deeper sleep.*

This time-honored formula has unique synergistic properties which help to gently detoxify and rejuvenate the entire body.*

Flor•Essence® is a formula that is safe and effective for everyday use, short term and long term, and its detoxifying effects may be helpful in ameliorating a variety of health conditions.*


People who are experiencing the signs of toxic overload:*

Sluggish metabolism
Low body temperature
Sugar imbalance
Poor circulation
Whole-body purification on a regular basis is also helpful for anyone dealing with digestive or eliminative problems, sleep disturbances, general fatigue and malaise, skin blemishes and a number of chronic or recurring health issues.*

The Herbs in Flor•Essence®:

The Flor•Essence® 8-herb formula synergistically supports all elimination pathways to accelerate the removal of toxins and waste from the body, stimulate digestion and support immune function.*

Burdock Root supports almost all elimination pathways including digestive system and colon, kidneys, liver, blood, skin and the urinary and lymphatic systems.* It adds antioxidant and antimicrobial properties to the formula.*

Sheep’s Sorrel supports the elimination pathways of the digestive system and colon, kidneys, urinary system and the skin.* It promotes tissue oxygenation and reduces inflammation.*

Slippery Elm Bark helps the kidneys and urinary system, skin and respiratory system in their natural elimination process.* It also contains soothing mucilage to help support the digestive tract and alleviate inflammatory irritation.*

Blessed Thistle supports the skin and respiratory system to eliminate waste.* It also stimulates digestion.*

Red Clover supports the kidneys and the urinary and respiratory systems.* It has antimicrobial properties to help strengthen the immune system.* It also contains specialized flavonoids that promote healthy cell proliferation.*

Turkish Rhubarb Root provides support to the digestive system, colon, liver and blood.* This helps the body to detoxify, particularly in the bowels.* It also helps neutralize harmful microorganisms in the gut.*

Watercress is beneficial for liver detoxification and as a restorative.*

Kelp is a mineral-rich seaweed that promotes healthy bowels and proper immune function.* It also contains alginates that help remove heavy metals form the body.*


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