Flora Advanced Adult Enzyme Blend


60 cap



Immune function*
Increasing energy*
AGE GROUP: Seniors and adults with sensitive digestive systems.

Provides a full-spectrum of enzymes to maximize absorption of available nutrients from foods. It contains 7 different proteolytic enzymes for optimal protein utilization to minimize muscle weakness and fatigue due to inadequate absorption of amino acids.
Due to digestive distress and discomfort after eating, much of the elderly population does not consume enough vegetables, protein or healthy fats. This unbalanced diet can lead to a lack of vital nutrients, muscle weakness, fatigue, loss of bone mass and overall degeneration.
This enzyme blend supports healthy digestion of all foods, including dairy products, which are an important source of calcium.*
The Udo’s Choice® line of age- and condition-specific enzyme blends help maximize absorption of available nutrients from food by assisting in the digestion of protein, fats, carbohydrates and soluble fiber.*

Udo’s Choice® Digestive Enzyme Blends are designed to replace enzymes lost in food processing and cooking, thereby supporting good digestion.*

Udo’s formulas use only full-spectrum high protease enzymes with guaranteed activity, using the Food Chemical Codex (FCC) standard of potency.

World-renowned nutrition expert Udo Erasmus has created four distinct plant- and fungal-based enzyme formulations to facilitate healthy digestion, improve nutrient absorption, increase energy levels and support healthy immune responses.*

There are four varieties to choose from because not one single enzyme or enzyme formula is appropriate for everyone. This is because our dietary and lifestyle habits, as well as the strength of our digestive systems, change over time and throughout the various stages of life. Udo’s Choice® Enzyme Blends offer you a choice so you can incorporate a tailor-made enzyme blend into your lifestyle.

There are two basic types of enzymes involved in the digestive process: those that are produced by our bodies and those that are present in raw foods. In the body, our naturally occurring digestive enzymes help us to break down and assimilate nutrients from food. They are produced by the pancreas, stomach and salivary glands to act on food in the small intestine, stomach or mouth.

Food enzymes are found in raw foods, which come equipped with some of the enzymes needed for their own digestion. Enzymes in foods are heat-sensitive; cooking and processing can destroy 100% of these enzymes. The lack of food enzymes in the modern diet results in the pancreas becoming overworked, leading to the uncomfortable effects of indigestion.

Production of pancreatic digestive enzymes is decreased by stress, caffeine, alcohol, illness, pregnancy and simply aging.


Helping to mitigate a variety of gastro-intestinal conditions including:

gas & bloating*
acid reflux & heartburn*
While these discomforts may be common, they are not normal; they are signs of incomplete digestion. Food is meant to energize us, not make us tired.

Supplementing with Udo’s Choice® Enzyme Blends at every meal helps to promote proper digestion, support healthy immunity, improve nutrient absorption and increase energy levels.*

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