Dragon Herbs Longan Fruit


6 oz



HIGHEST-QUALITY & SWEETEST SUN-DRIED LONGAN FRUITS. This superior grade tonic fruit is carefully chosen for highest quality and pristine sourcing to guarantee the ultimate in sweetness, richness of color, taste and nutrition.
VEGAN 100% NATURAL. Our product is free of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, and artificial ingredients.
RICH IN VITAMINS & MINERALS. Provides a concentrated source of essential nutrients for healthy blood, daily energy, and body maintenance.
A PREMIER SNACK FOR QUICK ENERGY. This uniquely delicious sun-dried fruit is quickly and easily digested for rapid production and delivery of vitality and blood support, nourishing the energy producing elements of the body.
KNOWN TO BENEFIT DIGESTIVE FUNCTION. Traditionally valued for its support of all digestive functions through optimizing the gastric processes of assimilation, absorption, and delivery of nutrients throughout the body.