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Aguiar Farm, Paulden

Lucky B Acres, in Paulden, AZ

Blue Sky Organic Farm, Litchfield Park

Fond du Lac Farms, Casa Grande

Green Pastures Raw Dairy, Queen Creek

Willowbrook Farm, Camp Verde

Sunnyside Farm, Camp Verde

Eagle Eye Honey, Aguila

Mountain Top Honey, Flagstaff

Lands Dates, Yuma

Black Sphinx Dates, Black Canyon City

Hayden Mills, Queen Creek

Whipstone Farm, Paulden

Pinnacle Farm, Laveen Village

Covilli Orchards, Wilcox

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Nellie’s Pinon Salve, Teac Nos Pos

Irene and Cozy, Ear Candles, Sedona

Karen’s Gluten Free, baked goods, Sedona

Shari, Communal Uprising, chocolates, Sedona

Onaia, Awildian, medicinal mushrooms and nettles, Sedona

Josh, Tender Hearts Bakery, cookies, Phoenix

Phi Sciences, Megahydrate and Crystal Energy products, Cottonwood

Gone Green, CBD and chocolate, Sedona

Chocolate, Chocolate, Sedona

Scot and Zoe, Olinka, kombucha, Sedona

Wild Tonic, jun kombucha, Cottonwood

Gluten Free Creations, bread, Phoenix

Nirmal, Nariveda, Ayurvedic formulas, Sedona

Val, White Sage, essential oils, Prescott

Sovereign Laboratories, collostrum, Sedona

Ambaya Gold, healing formulas, Sedona

Lifestar, Genesis Complex, Sedona

Rixx, healing lotion, Mesa

David, Biocorp amino acids, Sedona

Illup, Ambrosia, Sedona

Cynthia, Vital Vegan, Rimrock

Susan, Verde Gardener, body care products, Camp Verde

Cheshire, Cheshire’s Harbal Teas, Sedona

Kali, Oak Creek Apple Company, Apple Cider Vinegar, topical creams, healing formulas

Hortensia, Probiotic Cuisine, Sedona

Wes, Eggs from Wes, Camp Verde

Zach, Plowing Ahead Ranch, beef, Camp Verde

Russ and Diane, Lucky B Acres, Chicken

Beth, Sedona Red Rock Coffee, Sedona

Garden Goddess Ferments, Suzette, Phoenix

AZ Desert Rain, chaparral products, Grace, Camp Verde


With so much disease caused by or resulting in inflammation, this natural anti-inflammatory has been of significant help to many.


A relative to the coffee plant, this southeast Asian leaf can have calming, focusing, and relieving effects.

medicinal mushrooms

We offer several types of medicinal mushrooms tinctures, several of which have been harvested in northern Arizona in a respectful fashion.

dragons blood

Used externally as a wound healer, and internally to address gastrointestinal recovery, this South American tree sap has been consciously sourced by the people who know it best.