About me:


My passion is camaraderie — that, of the earth, we are all in this experience together. I care about good people healing, growing, and getting to more than occasionally crack up together. I am energized by the examples being set in the permaculture movement — practicing rainwater catchment, greening the desert — letting seeds grow in our footsteps and not just destruction — and I love being surrounded by others following their particular callings.

I have a degree in experiential education and ecopsychology. I had some beautiful experiences at Prescott College getting to know the southwest, practicing community activism, reflecting on cultural perspectives, and diving into the psyche. Through my twenties, I got to experience comfortable and uncomfortable chapters with travel and personal development. My work has largely revolved around healthy food — cooking, farming, working in health food stores, and helping to put out a permaculture podcast — and I also spent two years working in the school system.

I decided in 2015 that my desire was to have a little health food store. I am so grateful for all of the support I have received in bringing this desire to life.

Our Team


Crypto KInG

Hank is the man in the hat that likes to talk about crypto-currency, and serves as our sandwich maker extraordinaire. If you have any quandaries about sleep, anxiety, pain, addiction, or focus, talk to Hank. You can talk to him about many things however, from skin-care, mitigating allergies, or the water preferences of him and his cat.


Sheriff Bob

Sometimes we get Maude, and sometimes we get Sheriff Bob around here. Maude will talk digestive health and fermented fruits with you, chew on chlorella and spirulina like candy, and show you her beautiful and silly greeting cards. Sheriff Bob however has tootsie pops for ammo, and may get you with his massage “bonger.”


The Sweet Leopard

This gal is an animal lover all the way. She takes care of Suzy’s animals, often going to snuggle bunnies on her lunch break, singing them loving kindness chants. (She also likes to do laundry for our Buddhist nun friend). You’ll recognize her in the store by her leopard-style clothing and cat-like demeanor. She’s soft at heart…but don’t mess with her! She’ll show you her butterfly knife skills! Kayla brings a strong intuitive connection to the table and is a certified yoga instructor. She listens to her body. She also puts the “pro” in produce around here, loving up our fruits and vegetables. You may find a trail of Dragon Herbs’ goji berries or mulberries behind her, as they are a snack of choice.


The Cosmic Wizard

Daniel brings us his vitamin and supplement expertise with a loving and compassionate demeanor (think: teddy bear). He is an audio engineer, herbalist, photographer, nature lover, crypto enthusiast, astrology nerd…and enjoys pleasant and meaningful conversations with all walks of life. He embraces the eccentricity Sedona has to offer, and cultivates his own particular wizardry in its midst.


The Fairy Godmother

Being in the proximity of Cathy, you will most likely feel taken care of and like everything is ok. Coming to us with a history in crisis support, this generous team-player brings centeredness and interpersonal-awareness to the table. She shares what she learns in the realm of nutrition, and loves experimenting with new recipes. Outside of work, you might catch Cathy teaching deep stretch and yoga, or riding her bike on a beautiful day.


The Karaoke Queen

Julie is the super-efficient one getting things done in the back. You’ll hear her singing along to her favorite 80s easy listening tunes, while she brings greater order and cleanliness to all she touches. She takes joy in small tasks, always has an amazing attitude, and makes for great conversation, whether it be perspective on the world or spirituality. These days, she is in creation-mode, having picked up the guitar, and is composing songs of depth and beauty – left and right.

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